Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Simply Magical Classroom

Oh my goodness!  I forgot how hectic the beginning of the school year was!  We started school...oh about...a month ago?  And I'm FINALLY getting this posted!  Whew.  I'm still not done with my room - it's a work in progress. :)  But here's what the Simply Magical Classroom looks like for now!

Here's my Pinterest inspired UP bulletin board.  I couldn't find one exactly like what I had imagined, so I improvised. 
Here's my door!  I love Krista Wallden's work at Creative Clips Graphics.  Almost everything I make has something in it from her - like these chevron papers.  Hopefully I'll have these pennant banners on TPT soon for you!
Here's my behavior chart in action!  I give tickets according to what color the students are on at the end of the day.  One for yellow, two for orange, and three for red.  The kids LOVE it!  You can snatch up my Behavior Chart here.
Here's our daily schedule - again with Krista's papers!
ALL year long last year I tried to think of a way to hide our closet.  I tried everything imaginable to get these curtains to stay up.  My mom walked in this summer and within 5 minutes, she came up with this marvelous solution - bike hangers and a PVC pipe.  She's a genius.
Remember when I made those bookshelves this summer?  Here they are in action!  With an amazing library organizing system from Maria Monore at Kinder-Craze!

Here's the only Reading Centers organization chart that I think will ever work for me.  I'll post more on this later. :)
My Birthday Chart with adorable cupcakes by...guess who!  Krista again! And my Teacher's Pet puppy - the best (and simplest) Classroom Jobs Chart imaginable created by A Teeny Tiny Teacher.
And last, but not least, my hanging lanterns.  It's hard to describe how much this adds to my classroom.  I can't even take a good picture to describe it.  If you are allowed to hang things in your classroom, DO!  It makes life so much happier!

I still have A LOT more work to do to get my classroom where I want it.  But just like learning, it's a work in progress the whole year through. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to School Sale

If you buy many things on TPT, I'd say you've heard about the Back to School Sale by now.  For the sellers who participate, many of their products will be the lowest they will ever be on sale.  And I really, really like sales.  So I'm giving you a warning here of insider ready?  I'm participating in the sale.  Woohoo!  Exciting, right? Get those products wishlisted and ready because the sale is Aug 4-5!

Here's a cute little graphic to get you excited.  If you're having your own sale, feel free to borrow for your own site!

And I created a banner just the right size for your TPT store.

Have fun shopping!