Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Word Resolution

I'm big on New Year's Resolutions.  Super big.  I start thinking about my resolutions before Christmas even starts.  So I'm linking up with Primary Powers to give you my one word resolution!

I seriously have like 15 resolutions, but they all revolve around time.  I think time is my most important resource, and many days I spend that time reading about other people's lives on facebook or looking at their lives on instagram.  Don't get me wrong, both of these can be awesome ways to connect with others, but is that really the best way I can use my time?  Shoot no.

So I'm spending my time doing more this year for improve my life and stop reading about the lives of other people.

More time with the people that matter
More time reading my Bible
More time forming relationships with my kids
More time blogging
More time exercising
More time doing things I love

What's your one word resolution?  Feel free to link up or comment below!  Have a magical start to 2015!