About Me

I am a first grade teacher in Knoxville, TN and I really, really love my job.  This is just my third year teaching, but I am learning and improving every day.  I have a wonderful husband, a 13 year old brother, and an amazing family that is ready to help with anything I need for my classroom.
We mustache you a question! My husband, me, and my brother in the back.
Besides teaching, my favorite things are getting great deals on just about anything and eating...just about anything.  Really - I LOVE FOOD.

Macaroons!  I love macaroons.  I love all food, but especially macaroons.
I am obsessed with Disney.  My goal is to make learning in the classroom just as fun and magical as Disney is for me.
My husband and I being dorky pin traders.  Look at dat bling!
I have the cutest little puppy you ever did see, named Bear.  He's my favorite teaching tool.  I can use silly stories about him for plenty of lessons, and a quick video or funny picture of Bear is a favorite for class rewards.
This is Bear during a thunderstorm cuddled up with Teddy Puppy (his favorite stuffed animal) on our bed.  He did this all by himself, I kid you not.  No picture posing going on here.
I love Tennessee - the state, the football team (Go Vols!), the climate - everything about it is wonderful.  I also really love Jesus.  The love He shows for me on a daily basis is incredible.
We aren't too great yet, but Josh Dobbs will take us there!  I've been saying this since 2013, but Butch Jones is finally listening to me now and putting him in games.
I'd love to hear from you and thanks for passing by!  I hope you have a magical year!


  1. Ha! I am a Kindergarten Teacher in Knoxville, TN! How crazy to stumble upon your blog! What a small world!!!

    Lauren Ingram
    Polka Dots and Pals

  2. How funny! I bet we've been at some PD together at some point, but just didn't know we were both bloggers! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your pals by the way! You are so talented!! It's nice to meet you! :D