Friday, April 3, 2015

April Pinterest Linky

I can't tell you how much I love this linky.  Really.

So here's my 3 Pinterest Picks for April!

Isn't this just adorable?  I mean, I'm all about teaching - really.  But if there's anything I love more in life, I promise it's food.  With our Scholastic Bonus Points, I bought this see-through veggie grower.

  When we get to studying plants this month, it would be awesome to incorporate the vegetables we're growing in class with this activity!

I might be obsessed with rainbows.  Roy G. Biv is my BFF - for realz.  So do you think I will be decorating my room with these?  YES, MA'AM.

You could use this for everything!  Cloud as main idea, rainbow as details.  Cloud as sum, rainbow as different ways to make that sum.  Personally, I think I'll use the cloud as a topic sentence and the rainbow as details in a paragraph.  I love this pin because it's just so flexible!

Back to the planting, aren't these cute?  They look like regular ole classroom plants...but they aren't entirely!  See those cute white cups?  I use one just about every morning.  They're K-Cups! What a genius idea!  The worst thing about plants in the classroom is that they're a mess.  But with this, you can put a K-Cup in a pan and viola!  No mess - and hopefully not as many tip-overs.  Plus, you're recycling which equal bonus points for Earth Day.  Go you, Teach, go you!

Have a Happy April, everyone!  
P.S. I know you love your job so much you would never count down to summer...but in case you wanted to know, we have 34 days left.  Hoping you are almost ready for vacation, warm days, and having time for yourself!