Friday, June 27, 2014

(Double) Freebie Friday!

In celebration of Friday, here's a featured freebie of mine for you!  Excuse the not so cute design...I was still learning how to make products.  No matter how it looks though, I love how this product works.

I get really tired of sorting games being super simple.  Students can sort words that start with the blend "tr", but I never know if they're actually reading it, or just looking at the "tr" and putting it in the correct pile.  In a search to make an accurate assessment, I created this.  On this sheet, students have to look at the picture and say what it is.  Then they identify the blend they are saying and cut and paste it in the box.  For further connection, they can write the word on the handwriting lines.

I use the first sheet for beginning blends, and the second for ending blends.  This really helps me see who has it and who needs some more help.

For a double freebie, check out this great set of clip art!  It's by Krista Wallden at Creative Clips Graphics - my absolute favorite!  She's trying to reach a feedback goal, so don't forget to leave her some awesome compliments if you download it!

Have a magical year!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Why I love Yard Sales!

Some women have a thing for shoes.  Not me.  Others have a love for buying new clothes.  No, thank you.  What I love...well, actually there's two things: food and good deals.  There's no way to my heart quite like food, but today I'm going to focus on the "good deals" section of my love.

I think every classroom teacher loves good deals, because having a classroom is pricey!  There's books to buy, bulletin boards to create, and little details down to the kleenex boxes that are sure to run out right in cold season.

This is exactly why I love yard sales.  I can get SO many things for my little ones to use for at least half the price.  So far this summer, I've went "yard sale-ing" three days.  Just take a gander at this loot.

I have 2 closing cabinets, 3 shelves, 1 rack (with Disney princesses!), and a hot pink bean bag (not shown in picture).  Regularly, this would have cost at least $100 - if not more.  I know I bought a shelf this year like those on top for $20 by itself.  Ready to guess how much all of this was...c'mon guess.  Twenty-five bucks.  So for $25, I now have pretty much my entire reading center for this upcoming year.  With a little bit of repainting, these will fit right into my classroom.

So teachers out there, take advantage of this summer!  Go hit yard sales at least once every couple weeks.  Find them in the newspaper, look on Craigslist, or my favorite - just go out and follow the signs.  Your classroom will look fabulous and you'll have more money to spend on those shoes, clothes, or in my case - food.