Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy (Freebie) Friday!

It's Freebie Friday again!  I love having ways to connect to my students outside of school - even before they're my students.  That's why I created postcards to send to my students right before school begins.  Just handwriting them a short note that tells them how happy you are to be their teacher will get them pumped up to come back and learn!  I can remember one summer that a teacher of mine wrote me a postcard and sent it in the mail.  I was SO excited to get mail.  Guess what - kids today still get SO excited when they get mail!

Even if you don't get your class roll early, you can send your students a note just after school begins.  It'll still create the same excitement for learning even if they receive it after they're in your classroom!

These postcards are created for grades PreK-5.  Just click on the picture and snatch them up!  


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