Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream: Week 2

This week for the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge, the theme is Dare to Dream.  I'm sharing with you the reason I make products for Teachers Pay Teachers and what I plan to do with my life...besides teach.

I love everything Disney.  I especially love Disney World.  I don't think I can really express how much I love it, so just believe me when I tell you I do.  It is really my happiest place on earth.  I have so much fun acting like a kid again with my husband!  I love seeing his goofy side, and when they say "Show us your Disney Side" on those commercials, they aren't kidding!  My husband has a Disney Side!  And it's so attractive!  Okay, back to dreams...

I learn so much as a teacher in Walt Disney World.  Just watch a child carry on a conversation with a character.  They're completely engaged, completely engrossed, and soaking in everything that character is saying.  Perhaps it's because they've watched Frozen 2,934,123 times and they are obsessed with Elsa - so every word out of Elsa's mouth is sacred.  Or perhaps it's also the magic that Walt Disney World creates in itself.  I think it's some of the first, but a lot of the second.  That's the whole reason I called my blog "Simply Magical Learning."  I want learning in my classroom to be like Walt Disney World every single day.  All smiles and excitement, soaking up words and making learning fun.

So right there is my main reason for selling products on TPT - trips to Walt Disney World.  They're rejuvenating for myself as well as next year's classroom environment.

If I really go far on TPT (or grow up and have kids someday), I would love to go to Grad School.  I LOVE LIBRARIES.  In my list of favorite places to be, it goes like this: 1. Disney World, 2. Anywhere that sells ice cream, 3. Libraries.  I would love to be able to return to school to get my Master's in Library Science to become a librarian.  I'd still be teaching lessons on books, but I'd be able to range from picture books to young adult novels.  I don't know if this is a practical goal, or a reachable one, but I'm daring to dream it anyways.


  1. I love libraries too! I'm such a book nut. I could curl up with a book all day! Good luck with your goals!

  2. I love Disney too! It's our family's "Happy place" so we keep annual passes and DVC too!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle