Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Work it Wednesday!

Hey, friends!  Today I'm linking up with Katie King for Work it Wednesday!

First, you have to know something about me.  I don't like getting fit.  I don't exercise, I don't sweat, and I ESPECIALLY don't diet.  But for some CRAZY reason, my husband decided to do all of that at the beginning of this year.  And he lost A LOT of weight.  Meaning right now, I weigh more than him.  Sometime in my life I'll probably be okay with that fact, but right now I feel like a giant when we're out together.  Soooooo...I decided to get fit in attempts of not feeling like the Jolly Green Giant.  Sigh...

So if you're looking for great advice for how to get fit, you will probably want to just hop onto another blog.  If you HATE everything you possibly have to do to get fit and want to know how you might not hate it so much, then go ahead and keep reading.

I have some inner rules for myself.  They're probably not good rules, but I'm pretty stubborn about them so here's the first one.

That's it!  Never.  I can't stand paying that much money for something I may or may not use.  A gym is great if you really want to get in shape, but it costs you every single month.  I know myself well enough to guarantee that if I have to leave my house to go work out, I will never work out.

Instead, this is what I did...

I got this for my husband for Christmas a few years ago.  I think it was $200, but I know there are many even cheaper than that (less than $100).  In my eyes, $200 for my husband and I to work out for as long as the machine works is a lot better than paying $30+ a month, every single month, for both of us to have a membership at a gym.

I don't like this machine just like I don't like working out.  The seat is probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on, and it makes me love my fat-padded booty even more.

But, as much as I hate it, it's getting me fit because of this little tray right here.
See that thing?  Right above the silver part is a glorious tray.  You know what can sit right there?  MY PHONE!  YES!

I'm working on reading the Bible through in a year on my Bible app.  Let's just say that I'm way in May's readings may or may not be done yet.  Every time I work out, I multitask.  I'll start reading my Bible and sometimes I get so interested in what I'm reading, I'll forget I'm pedaling while sitting on a rock!  It's fabulous!

Other times if I'm having a rough day, I'll watch Ellen while I cycle.  That woman is so funny, I have cycled for 40 minutes before without even noticing (and that's a BIG step for this girl right here).

I'll even get on a Teacher Blog binge sometimes and start reading those until I forget I'm cycling.  It's amazing.  PD and fitness at the same time.

So if you hate working out just as much as I do, find a hobby to do while you work out so that you don't realize you're working out.  If you like bird watching, go take a hike to watch the birds.  If you like listening to your Pandora station, put some headphones in and walk to the beat.  If you have kids, spend time with them by playing tag or other outdoor games.  If you like reading and watching TV, invest in a cycle for a lifetime of fitness.

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